Saltaire Brewery

Showcasing a product in short, snappy social content is a great way to build a buzz and create excitement around your range. Not only does it allow you to tell a mini story about your products, but it adds context to both you as a brand and how your range can be enjoyed in practice. 

This is something we had the pleasure of creating for Saltaire Brewery, an independent brewer producing beers right here in West Yorkshire with award-winning results. 

We wanted to capture the bold confidence of the brand, and so paired speedy transitions and dynamic lighting with upbeat music and of course, made Saltaire Brewery’s excellent branding a key focal point. 

We delivered a suite of social assets of less than 20 seconds each to maintain the vibrant pace of each edit. 

“Thank you so much again for the fantastic content for Saltaire, the assets are such high quality, shot with the product and the brand in mind. The lighting, background and choice of shots in the edit are everything we wanted from the shoot, we think our beer is delicious, and it’s great to have assets that show off both our bright and bold products as well as the beer itself. Also, thank you for being so easy to work with and for listening to our brand story and reflecting it in your content.”

Emily Oldfield, Marketing Manager at Saltaire Brewery