Charlie Dallas Lancaster Foundation


The stories we share through film can help to communicate a range of narratives. For CDLF, a charitable foundation based in York, the brief was to create a film that explained the inspiration behind the charity and the great work they deliver for those struggling with their mental health today.

The inspiration behind CDLF is the late Charlie Dallas Lancaster, an individual known for his charitable work throughout York who sadly passed away in 2020. Sharing Charlie’s legacy throughout the film was key, with Charlie’s partner, sisters and friends offering in-depth interviews throughout. 

Further interviews were conducted with other York-based charities, including Menfulness and SASH to highlight the important work CDLF does today, helping those at the point of mental crisis. 

In total, one hero video was produced which was later shared at CDLF’s annual fundraising ball at York Racecourse, along with a suite of social media assets edited for Instagram. 

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We delivered
  • Social asset creation

  • Storyboarding

  • Interview Q&A

  • Camera ops

  • Lighting rigs

  • Editing